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Frequently Asked Questions

Why hire a payroll service company?

One missed tax deposit penalty can severely damage a small business financially. Take the risk and responsibility out of your hands and let a professional take care of the calculation of payroll, and tax depositing requirements. This will allow you, as the business owner, to spend more time doing what you do best, and not have the added stress and worry associated with payroll compliance.


Why choose NKY Payroll Inc., Inc as a payroll service provider?

NKY Payroll Inc. is a professional company that has been around over a decade with many satisfied clients. Customer service is our number one priority. This can mean flexibility for our clients, or consistent quality and service. NKY Payroll Inc. is very price competitive with the other payroll processing companies. Unlike big payroll providers you will talk to and deal with the same service representatives every time you call. Unlike any other payroll firm, NKY Payroll Inc. has in house CPA's to ensure tax compliance and offer tax planning strategies related to payroll.


What advantage is gained in choosing NKY Payroll Inc., Inc over  a large payroll processing company?

NKY Payroll Inc. offers everything and anything the large firms offer, but a more customized payroll experience tailored to the specific needs of its clients at a lower cost than the large payroll providers. The level of customer service NKY Payroll Inc. provides its clients greatly exceeds the big box payroll providers of the world. You will get a live person answering your questions in a timely manner, and that person will be the same person every time. There are in house CPA's to offer extensive payroll guidance and tax planning strategies that you just won't get at a large provider.


What services can NKY Payroll Inc., Inc provide?

NKY Payroll Inc. can provide all of the services you could receive from any large payroll provider with responsiveness and a personal touch only a small nimble firm can offer. This includes, but is not limited to payroll processing, HR management, tax reporting and depositing, worker's compensation services, third party agency services, and retirement services. In addition, NKY Payroll Inc. has in house accountants and CPA's to provide more guidance than you would receive at most other payroll providers. NKY Payroll Inc. provides an extensive selection of payroll reporting options with the ability for the client to write their own custom reports through a web based portal. NKY Payroll Inc. can provide as little or as much service as each individual client desires. Our service truly is completely custom from start to finish for each client.


How do I obtain a quote or start the process of payroll service with NKY Payroll Inc., Inc.?

Contact NKY Payroll Inc. via email, or phone and provide us with some basic information about number of employees, third party reporting, frequency of pay, deductions and benefits, and what level of service you want NKY Payroll Inc. to provide. From this information we can quote a price for payroll processing services and provide forms to you to make the transition to NKY Payroll Inc. seamless.


What are the options for depositing payroll taxes?

NKY Payroll Inc. will impound all tax and third party money and deposit on behalf of the client, or the client can be responsible for the deposits with forms prepared by NKY Payroll Inc.. It really comes down to how hands on or automated the individual client wants the service.


What happens at year end?

NKY Payroll Inc. will produce all year end filing required by the various taxing and third party agencies. You will have W-2's to give to employees, or employees can access them through a secure portal via the web. All year end forms and reconciliations will be completed and filed on time. You can sit back and enjoy the holiday season without the pressure of payroll compliance.


What other services does NKY Payroll Inc., Inc offer?

NKY Payroll Inc. can deliver payroll via courier, convert reports to pdf format, manage third party pay, comply with union reporting requirements, handle pension, 401(k), and section 125 cafeteria plan deduction and reporting, manage restaurant specialized reporting with tipped employees, and provide recap journal entries. If it is related to payroll in any way NKY Payroll Inc. will offer that service to its clients if requested.


What size businesses can NKY Payroll Inc. Inc provide payroll services?

NKY Payroll Inc. provides services to the single person company all the way up to companies with multiple locations in various states with a few thousand employees, and companies of all sizes in between. The same service and attention to detail is placed on every client and NKY Payroll Inc. has a solution for all sizes of small business employers.


How long do I need to keep my records?

Payroll related records need to be kept for seven years.


What are my options to pay NKY Payroll Inc. Inc for services?

NKY Payroll Inc. will automatically pull payment as payroll is processed (our most popular option), or can bill on a paper statement monthly and the client can pay by check. If other options are desired arrangements can be discussed.


What hours are you available?

Normal business hours are 8:00 am to 5:30 pm Monday through Friday, but evening, early morning, and weekend meetings or special payroll processing are available by appointment.


How do you bill for payroll services?

Generally, NKY Payroll Inc. bills based on complexity of the payroll services offered and volume of employees. Once a quote is established NKY Payroll Inc. will honor that quote. For a quote please call or email.

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